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Personal Brand Photography to Promote Your Business & Brand

I’m looking for online entrepreneurs and influencers who need photos of themselves to promote their business and grow their audience with personal brand photography.

I am launching a new Personal Brand Photography service, and I’d like to work with 2 separate people at significantly discounted rates (80% off regular price!) to test responses to the process and make sure my workflow is running smoothly before opening this up to the public.


Personal Brand Photography is photography for small business owners, entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, and social media influencers who want images that are:

  • Unique to your brand
  • Stand out in the sea of camera phone photos, stock photos, or curated social media subscription services
  • Focuses on YOUR individual stories to help you connect and engage with your audience
  • Will help you grow your brand

With EWP Personal Brand Photography sessions, we will:

  • Create themes and categories for your social media posts, websites, and marketing
  • Craft stories within those themes for events, promotions, and everyday lifestyle posts
  • Brainstorm images for your events and promotions
  • Shoot documentary, lifestyle, or editorial images to support those stories and give you up to 90 days of content that strengthens your brand and gives your social media a curated look


  • one content marketing plan pre-session Personal Brand & social media story consultation
  • unlimited contact pre-shoot
  • 60-90 images
  • copyright release & commercial use license to edit, modify and use the images to promote your brand however you need. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN’T DO WITH THESE ARE RESELL THE IMAGES YOURSELF
  • 25% off your next three quarters of personal brand photography (billed annually, quarterly or monthly

This is over a $5,000 value!

Interested? Let’s Chat!


1. Are these stock photos? Is this something similar to certain other social media curated image subscription services or content providers?


Other content providers & subscription services give you pre-written text and a series of images that were created by the photographer based on the pre-written text they provided. They may not fit your brand, they may not be relevant to you or your audience, or they may even be cliché or (worse) laughably BAD!

Personal Brand Photography is tailor-made to YOU!

Your Personal Brand Photography includes a one-hour pre-session consult to determine content for the next 60-90 days based on five to seven themes or stories that you are going to use on your social media profiles that fit with your individual color scheme and brand aesthetic and resonate with your readers or ideal customers.

The images will be shot over a set number of hours either in studio or on location, depending on what your unique, individual story plan for the next 60-90 days that we create. Any still life or layflat images (such as product photography) will be shot separately, outside of the two-three hour session we do with you.

2. Do I need to live in Colorado to work with you?

Nope! I will absolutely travel to you! Travel is included in the Personal Brand Photography creative fee for locations up to two hours away—after that, there is a charge for travel, accommodations, etc. that we will discuss during your consultation.

2.a. But I live in (INSERT PLACE HERE!)

So, I did the math on this. On average, it would cost one of my clients about $1200 for my travel expenses for a full day session including airfare, hotel, ground transport, and meals, so for the duration of this program I’m offering any clients outside of Colorado the opportunity to take advantage of this service for $1699 – literally my travel expenses plus the $499 cost of the service.

When this service is out of Beta, the price for a 90 day session will be $2500 through the end of 2018, and it will only go up from there. That is not inclusive of travel.

If you are in Chicago or LA or New Jersey or where ever and you take advantage of this NOW, you will still take 45% off my REGULAR FULL PRICE which does not include travel expenses! THIS IS STILL A BARGAIN FOR YOU! You will save $2,000 over the regular price in addition to getting 25% off your next three quarters, if you choose to continue!

3. Will this work for my home business / consulting business / MLM?


3.a. But…maybe my business too small for this?

No way! This is MADE for small businesses – these images are all about you and your lifestyle or brand. This WILL grow your business’ audience—when I switched from just random cellphone photos on my IG to curated lifestyle images for my personal brand, my audience DOUBLED within 30 days!

if you have a home business or are a consultant for an MLM (Oragami Owl, Beach Body, Pampered Chef, etc.) Personal Brand Photography is IDEAL for helping you marketing your business online! There is SO MUCH more you can do to stand out from your competition with personal brand marketing. Thousands of people are selling Lularoe leggings online – but how many of them have unboxing videos for new merchandise? How many show what your day looks like selling Origami Owl and how much free time your business gives you? How many show before and afters of their beach body clients? AND – how many of them use the EXACT SAME IMAGES as every other consultant? This will help you stand out in a VERY crowded market and get excitement and momentum because you have something no other consultant has – YOU AND YOUR LIFE – shown in gorgeous, professional images that sell not just your items but the lifestyle that goes with it!

4. When will we shoot the sessions? Do we have to shoot them ASAP? When will I get my images?

Generally, I recommend a 4-5 week timeline from when you want to start using your images to book the Personal Brand Photography service. Two weeks before your session, we will have our initial pre-session one hour consultation to develop your stories and your theme; between that consultation and your session, you are welcome to email or text me for questions about what to wear, brainstorm locations, or more. I am yours for your prep work for those two weeks. Photo turnaround time is 1-2 weeks after your session, depending on whether you’re getting 60-90 images

If you book NOW, your shoot will take place at least a week later, after your consultation.

5. I am just starting my business – should I invest in this now? Is this right for me?

YES! Personal Brand Photography will help you start your business with a strong brand immediately out of the gate! Don’t make the expensive lessons I’ve learned over the years, throwing money away on stock photos or subscription services that aren’t unique to my business!

6. I do not use social media for my business. Is this right for me?

YES! You can use these images in your print marketing including direct mailings, advertisements, business cards, and more. Realtors love these images for their websites and MLS listings!

7. Can I also have a professional headshot done during my session? Is this JUST editorial/lifestyle photography, or can I have a headshot for my business/brand?

You don’t know if you want a pro headshot or a lifestyle image?

por que no los dos?

Whatever images you need — headshots, lifestyle images, editorial photographs, architectural photographs, or still life / lay flat images — we can create!

8. Your senior, glamour, and boudoir sessions provide print images—do I get prints or digitals with these sessions?

Because these sessions are for marketing yourself or your small business, these images are 100% digital! You receive your image on a USB drive, with digital downloads available for 90 days after your images are delivered, in case of USB loss or corruption. As I tell my portrait and event clients, there are only three things guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and data loss, so I will have your back !

9. What about copyright? How can I use these images?

You will receive a copyright release and commercial image release so you are free to use the images wherever you want, whenever you want, for however long you want. These images are shot with YOUR brand in mind, so these images are unique to YOU and also are shot for commercial use – there will be plenty of space for buttons, text, graphics, or other add ons for the images on your website, social media, or print ads.

10. Will your logo or branding appear on the images? Do I need to credit you?


Unlike portrait photography, your Personal Brand Photography images are YOURS to use however you want. There are no logos or branding on your images except for the text or branding YOU put for YOUR brand! These are offered under a commercial release, so no, you do not need to credit me for the image—though credits are, obviously, always welcome!

11. Can I edit the images myself?

YES! You absolutely can!

You will receive the images will my usual edits for skin smoothing and color correction, but after that, they are ALL YOURS to crop, resized, or otherwise edit to your heart’s content. Do you always use the Hefe filter on IG? Go ahead, slap it on before you post! These are YOUR images!

12. Will these images fit my brand and style?


One of the things I found the most frustrating about subscription services for social curated content was how “one size fits all” the images were – whatever the photographer thought would work is what you got! Most of the images were light and airy, very cream and millennial pink, focused on aspirational still lifes and twee, cliché sayings. AND THEN there’s those super-cliché stock photos of people eating salad and laughing or looking at a chocolate cake with fear and intrepedation – do you KNOW how many people make fun of those things? UGH!

These images are tailor made and personally curated to fit YOUR brand! If you want dark and dramatic, you’ll get dark and dramatic. If you want light and airy, you’ve got it! Want mostly layflats and still images? That’s what you’ll get! Need models to show off your clothing in everyday situations? YUP! Got that covered too!

This program is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Interested? Let’s Chat!

Here’s the best part!

The discounted price for the beta Personal Brand Photography program is $499, which is WAY lower – 80% less! – than I will be charging when I open this to the public in a few weeks.

Yes, for this week only, for $499 you get:

  • ONE HOUR of brand consultation and social media story planning
  • TWO – THREE hours of photography
  • 60 – 90 personal brand images on USB drive and digital download for 90 days, CUSTOM TAILORED to your business and your brand with a copyright release and commercial license so you can edit these and use them however you want!


I need to know THIS WEEK!

I am looking to roll out the full program on my website on 1 September 2018, and I’m only offering 2 spots, so I want to have everything taken care of and squared away as soon as possible.

If you know someone who would love to get one of these spots, please mention them in the comments below or send this post to them. If YOU are interested, send me a message and we’ll get you booked. They are on a first-come, first-served basis and will be officially booked once payment has been received.

Ready to build your brand, increase engagement, and increase your business visibility?

Then let’s chat!

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